The Resounding Voice in the Air

Chapter 0 cover

Story 1
It has been two and a half centuries since the "Al Niente" began.
It's as if the world has stopped turning; all creation lies still and desolate,
plunged into a colorless world of black and white
Story 2
Ritmo's expression revealed a slight uneasiness, and Fisica exclaimed with great resolve and optimism:
"I believe in you."
Story 3
"I trust that you, the one blessed by the gods of melody,
can surely revive the former world order."

Section 1Edit

Dream goes on 1
Before departing, Fisica and Ritmo tested the Notalium tuner in the lab one last time.
— Before first play
Dream goes on 2
As they set off on their journey, the wheel of fate began quietly turning-
— After completing the first time

Section 2Edit

Only the place where truth has engraved 1
Bags on their backs and map in hand to guide the way,
Fisica and Ritmo started off into the black and white wilderness ahead.
"Here it is." "This is the disordered Notalium, isn't it?"
— Before first play
Only the place where truth has engraved 2
As soon as Ritmo finished the tuning, unimaginable changes started taking place in the deserted village.
Fisica couldn't help but shout out: "We did it!"
"Let's press on until we reach the final stop on the map!"
— After completing the first time

Section 3Edit

Chronosis song 1
The two voyagers reached the southeast corner of the map,
finding a cave that had been closed off for decades. The energy inside the cave was very strong.
giving Fisica no choice but to respond by trying the "purify" function, which was still under development.
— Before first play
Chronosis song 2
After finishing the tuning, the melody just played suddenly started echoing in the cave,
and the beautiful metamorphosis before their eyes left them both in awe.
— After completing the first time
Story 4

Story 5
"All along this was-"
"The original state of the world-"



Dream goes on 3
The boundless starry sky holds the most earnest wish of the travelers.
— After completing three challenges
Only the place where truth has engraved 3
The people coming together to restore the land to its former vitality,
Making it once again a part of the town.
— After completing three challenges
Chronosis song 3
After stabilizing the energy inside the cave,
the Notalium Administration began collecting Notalium as an energy resource for preserving the town.
— After completing three challenges