Dissonance in the Farm Village

Chapter 2 cover

Story 20
Fisica and Ritmo rested in town for quite a few days,
taking this opportunity to make a full investigation on this town
However, no record about Al Niente was found."
Story 17
Meanwhile, the Notalium tuner showed the energy of disordered Notalium in the north was getting stronger.
"Since we don't have any clues here, there is no point in us staying longer." said Fisica.
"Let's get prepared to continue exploring the disordered Notalium."
Ritmo nodded, starting organizing the necessaries, checking the equipment,
and getting ready to begin their journey again.
Story 21
As the two explorers headed north towards the mountains, they found the road rugged.
Ritmo could just about managing it thanks to his regular trainings;
however, for Fisica, it was probably the biggest challenge ever.
Feeling worn out, they gradually slowed down.
Story 22
Ridges after ridges; nights fell and dawns came.
The path in front of Fisica and Ritmo finally became wide and flat, which came as a great relief.
After walking briskly downhill, a farm village came to their sight.

Section 1Edit

Bokura no michi 1
They spotted an abandoned, large windmill-
-within its center inlaid numerous pieces of eye-catching disordered Notalium.
Ritmo was finally able to begin tuning with his equipment.
— Before first play
Bokura no michi 2
The windmill started to rotate, its wooden axis creaking in the breeze.
The relaxing atmosphere is reminiscent of a countryside village.
"It feels just like our small town here!"
"I wonder how the auntie next door is getting on? Does she still trim the plants in her precious garden?"
— After first play

Section 2Edit

Eternal love 1
Ritmo hummed a familiar melody from home, walking along the straight path.
Fisica curiously observed the scenes around.
A huge greenhouse appeared-they took a peek inside, discovering Notalium scattered on the floor.
— Before first play
Eternal love 2
The plants grown in the greenhouse began blossoming beautifully after Ritmo's tuning created a sweet melody.
One clump of flowers stood out and caught his eye. Ritmo walked closer, "They are hydrangeas!"
He randomly picked two little pink flowers, offering one to Fisica.
"What's this for?" Fisica seemed puzzled, looking at Ritmo.
— After first play
Story 23
"Do you know that hydrangeas symbolize hope in some areas,
and in others they have the meaning of friendship?
Especially the pink ones which symbolize the vitality and positive vibe from a girl.
They suit you in every possible way!"
"They change colors only because of the soil pH-its acidity or alkalinity-changes.
By the way, one other meaning of hydrangeas is arrogance."
"Well, humph, how unromantic! Why can't you simply accept someone's kindness?"
"I'm not so simple-minded as a certain bard!"
Having said that, Fisica secretly put the petal in the book she carried with her.

Section 3Edit

Matane 1
They moved along as they squabbled,
until a river appeared right in front of them, meandering broadly and far away.
On the river bank stood a gigantic water wheel.
— Before first play
Matane 2
With water flowing through, the water wheel began to turn.
"This village is rather bizarre," Fisica frowned,
"A windmill without any crops around; a well-equipped greenhouse with ordinary plants inside;
a water wheel but no field to water; paths far too straight and unified for the countryside.
There is something wrong here. I can't figure out."
— After first play

Section 4Edit

Reclaim 1
Fisica kept wondering along
They got their courage up to step into the maze, only to find that the design was extremely complex.
After many attempts and failures, they were finally standing right in the center.
— Before first play
Reclaim 2
"We nearly got taken by the maze!" Ritmo put down the luggage and complained.
Let's camp here and take some rest. Look, so many hills, one after another, such a long way to go..."
— After first play
Story 24
The two explorers slept well and soundly in the tent that night, but they still felt tired when they set off.
The journey was difficult beyond imagination. Finally, they reached the highland.
A massive, solemn-looking statue stood erect in an open, empty square,
with shimmering Notalium in her hands.
"She is Ena, the Mother of Notalium, isn't she?
We have read about her in textbooks! I can't believe there is a memorial statue of her here!"
Fisica said with sparkles in her eyes, running to the statue.
Ritmo stood by, preparing for tuning, but the device didn't seem to function.
Story 25
Fisica looked around the statue, and at the back of it she discovered some kind of unusual secret mechanism.
However, it did not take too long for the intelligent Fisica to unlock it.
Suddenly, the ground was shaking and distant thunder rolled.
When it returned to peace,
four mysterious stone pillars emerged from below the ground where they had previously walked on.

Section 5Edit

Journey 1
At the same time, some script appeared on the statue's base.
It reads, "When the four sacred rays of light cross here, the path towards the truth shall reveal itself."
— Before first play
Journey 2
After Ritmo's successful tuning,
the enormous Notalium in the hands of the statue began to flash with dazzling light.
All of the sudden, an ear-piercing alarm went off on the tuner.
— After first play
Story 26

Story 27

Story 28

Story 29
The beams on the stone pillars dimmed.
A massive hole appeared underground in the square where the statue stood.
The tuner sensed high level of energy flow from inside the hole.
Fisica and Ritmo exchanged a glance and nodded lightly at each other.
Nervously and cautiously, they disappeared into the dark hole.

Section 6Edit

Cyanine 1

Cyanine 2
All the Notalium here finally quieted down after fine tuning.
They began to investigate the huge device in front of them.
Knowing nothing about the actual function of the device, they could sense danger.
The fear made the hair stand up on the back of their neck.
All of the sudden, the voice of a stranger came behind them!
— After first play
Story 30
"The puzzle is solved..." "This is, indeed, astonishing..."



Bokura no michi 3
Uninhabited farm village, looking even more lonely in the light of sunset.
— After completing three challenges
Eternal love 3
During flowering seasons, the beautiful blossoms here always amazed people and made them lost in reverie.
— After completing three challenges
Matane 3
As the water wheel spun quietly and the river gurgled, a group of herons flew by.
Some busy catching fish, while others stood elegantly by the river. Everything looked vigorous.
— After completing three challenges
Reclaim 3
Had this complex garden maze carried a lot of pleasant memories?
— After completing three challenges
Journey 3
"Ena" is the first inventor in history to successfully kept sound energy in minerals to be used as an energy source.
She was referred to respectfully as the Mother of Notalium.
— After completing three challenges
Cyanine 3
After Further stabilization of the energy of Notalium, a line of text slowly surfaced on the device.
— After completing three challenges