Chapter E, also known as "Notalium Administration -Special Specimen Room-" was released in version 1.6 and has five songs with a Boss Song, Beast in the Dream.

Chapter f cover

The Chapter F cover

Chapter f promo

The Chapter F promo cover

Song ListEdit

Title Artist Area Difficulty Time BPM Vocals Items
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Get Ready GRILLED MEAT YOUNGMANS Special Specimen Room 4 9 11 13 2:23 144 Yes No
Pusha Plucka!! GNMD Special Specimen Room 4 9 12 14 2:34 136 Yes No
Anesthesia SIHanatsuka Special Specimen Room 4 7 10 14 2:56 148 No No
Aihana (2017 Revived) Junk Special Specimen Room 5 8 12 13 2:28 140 No No
Beast in the Dream Ayatsugu_Otowa Special Specimen Room 6 9 13 15 2:01 168 No No


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