Chapter E, also known as "Notalium Administration -Special Specimen Room-" was released in version 1.6 and has five songs.

Song ListEdit

Title Artist Area Difficulty Time BPM Vocals Items
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Get Ready GRILLED MEAT YOUNGMANS Special Specimen Room 4 9 11 13 2:23 144 Yes No
Pusha Plucka!! GNMD Special Specimen Room 4 9 12 14 2:34 136 Yes No
Anesthesia SIHanatsuka Special Specimen Room 4 7 10 14 2:56 124 No No
Aihana Junk Special Specimen Room 5 8 12 13 2:28 140 No No
Beast in the Dream Ayatsugu_Otowa Special Specimen Room 6 9 13 15 2:01 168 No No


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