Currently, there are 4 main characters: Fisica, Ritmo, Rossa, and Nero, but there is likely going to be more as the story progresses with new updates.

Rossa and Nero are new as of Chapter 3, but it seems as though they will become more vital to the plot as the story goes on.

All Characters Edit

File:Two People.PNG
File:Two Cloaked People.PNG
  • Stella, the woman that appears on the artwork for Tokyo Snorkel (with Fisica) and Time To Rock (with Ritmo) as the collaboration project between Lanota and STELLIGHTS by Collesta. She is the mascot of their game.
    • Coincidentally, this is the only time a character, other than Fisica or Ritmo, has been used in more than one artwork.
    • Also, this is the first time Fisica and Ritmo are used in a non-story chapter song's artwork. This also happens in the artwork for Janus.
  • Possibly, a character named Frey based off the song Frey's Philosophy, but currently, that's just speculation.

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