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ciel nocturne
Night Yacht

Ciel nocturne 1

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Area Bird's Nest Chapter 1-3 Genre [Genre]
BPM 90 Time 2:57 Vocals N/A
Chart Design SYM Cover Art No Info
Version 1.0 - July 12, 2016
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Difficulty 1 5 9 11
Max Combo 202 297 538 663


After cutting across a footpath in the middle of the flowerbed,
Fisica and Ritmo saw a giant nest they had never seen before resting on the vast prairie ahead of them.
— Before first play
Fisica picked up an egg quite different in color from the other eggs in the nest and carefully examined it.
She paused in thought before placing it inside her bag.
Ritmo was perplexed, but he knew no one could quell Fisica's insatiable curiosity,
and it was best to stay quiet and not ask questions.
— After first play
In the quiet of the night,
unborn life struggled with all its might to assert its being.
— After completing three challenges


Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Whisper


Play in speed 5
Purple Challenge Whisper


Hit every click note
Red Challenge Acoustic


Achieve Perfect Purified or above
Blue & Green Challenge Acoustic


"Harmony" rate 92% or above
Blue Challenge Ultra


Play in speed 3 and "Harmony" rate 94% or above
White Challenge Master


Achieve purified or above on each difficulty


  • The meaning of this song title in English is "nocturnal sky".
  • This is the first song where the Master chart was not originally the Ultra chart in 1.0.
  • Before the 1.5 update, this song played on the title screen.


-Lanota- ciel nocturne - emon(Tes

-Lanota- ciel nocturne - emon(Tes.) (Audio)