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Bokura no michi

All the Notalium here finally quieted down after fine tuning.
They began to investigate the huge device in front of them.
Knowing nothing about the actual function of the device, they could sense danger.
The fear made the hair stand up on the back of their neck.
— After first play
After Further stabilization of the energy of Notalium, a line of text slowly surfaced on the device.
— After completing three challenges



  • Achieve score 800000 or more


  • Hit every Catch note
  • "Harmony" rate 90% or more


  • Max Combo 30% or more and achieve score 900000 or more
  • Hit every Flick note


  • Hit every Flick note and "Fail" count no more than 5


  • In the "after 3 challenges" artwork for this song, letters from the Lanota Alphabet can be seen on the device. Translating it, the characters will read "Apocalypse". It is heavily implied that the song Apocalypse was already planned to be in Chapter 3 long before it's release. It could also be a reference to Al Niente as it is described as an apocalyptic desolation of the world.


Cyanine Preview

Cyanine Preview.1- cyanine - jioyi (Audio)

-Spoilers!!- Lanota - Chapter2 Boss Song Intro Video

-Spoilers!!- Lanota - Chapter2 Boss Song Intro Video


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