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sweez / Meine Meinung
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Area String Instruments Chapter 3-4 Genre ?
BPM 160 Time 2:32 Vocals No
Chart Design SYM Cover Art No Info
Version 1.5 - June 29, 2017
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Difficulty 5 8 11 14
Max Combo 659 871 1161 1228


Following the rope ladder, the four of them reached a circular platform. Another hefty door came into sight.
As usual, Ritmo got the tuner out, feeling eager to take on the challenge, as if no one could stop him.
Fisica, however, was carried away by what Nero just said and the conversation between him and Rossa.
She was determined to ask for an explanation after Ritmo's tuning.
— Before first play
After the tuning was finished, there came a loud sound of strings. "Wonderful, let's go!" Ritmo said happily.
"Wait a minute," said Fisica, "Rossa, Nero, what do you mean by 'No wonder there was no way to find it before'?"
"Why are you here? And, where is this tunnel leading us exactly?"
"..." "..."
"Alright," Rossa finally broke the silence, "I will tell you now."
"We came here," Rossa said, hesitating slightly, "to stop you."
"In short, the alarm was triggered when you opened the first seal of the 'Apocalypse',"
"...and that's why we rushed here." said Rossa.
"We are members of the Silence Border Guard," Nero said, taking a badge from out of his cloak.
"The Silence Border..." "Guard?" Fisica and Ritmo said in unison.
"Alas, I know you are not able to digest it all at once, especially what is related to 'the outside world.'"
"But we are running out of time for more explanations." Rossa said.
"Here, take this manual. You can find the map of the tunnel."
"There are many paths leading to various places in the area via the tunnel of the National Institute of Notalium."
"The path you were taken on was a shortcut to the Silence Border Guard Second Precinct"
"We were ordered to take you back for investigation"
"It is a very serious matter to open the seals of the 'Apocalypse'," Nero said.
"However," Rossa said, looking at Fisica, "you don't appear to be hostile, and you even saved my life."
"Legend has it that there is a great secret at the end of the tunnel."
"The two most crucial tasks of the Silence Border Guard have always been to protect the seals of the Apocalypse, and to find the way to the end."
"You're unique," said Rossa, looking at Ritmo. "It seems that your tuning methods has given the device a special resonance which then opened the passage."
"For more details, wait until we reach the end. My apologies for being unfriendly at the beginning." Said Rossa, "Thank you for saving me."
"The next set of mechanisms seem to be one after another, without a break." Nero said. "Let's get ready before we head off."
— After first play
The noise of strings gradually turned into harmony, with seamless high and low notes. A shimmering passage of text faintly emerged, "Here lies a bumpy road ahead. Do not be hasty."
"May the blessed ones finally fly free."
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit

Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Whisper


Achieve Purified or above
Purple Challenge Whisper


Achieve score 920000 or more
Red Challenge Acoustic


"Harmony" rate 93% or more
Blue & Green Challenge Ultra


Achieve Purified for 2 time(s)
Blue Challenge Ultra


"Fail" count no more than 15
White Challenge Master


Hit every Flick note and "Harmony" rate 97% or more

Trivia Edit

  • This song mainly uses stringed instruments, such as violin and cello.This usage is similar to how Song for Sprites uses woodwind instruments, Phoebus uses brass instruments, both Androgynos A and Androgynos B use percussion, and You are the Miserable uses the organ. These instruments can be identified through the statues in each room/song area.

Video Edit

Meine Meinung (Audio)

Meine Meinung (Audio)