Ena is the proclaimed "Mother of Notalium" that appears as a statue holding a large piece of Notalium in Chapter 2 and in the artwork for Journey.

Journey 2

Ena as a statue in the Journey artwork

""Ena" is the first inventor in history to successfully kept sound energy in minerals to be used as an energy source. She was referred to respectfully as the Mother of Notalium."

After playing Reclaim for the first time, Fisica and Ritmo walk up to a colorless statue of Ena holding a large piece of Notalium. You then play Journey to undo the Al Niente effects on the statue.

Story 24

Fisica and Ritmo walking up to a colorless statue of Ena.

On her statue, script appears on the base after Fisica fixes the unusual secret mechanism on the statue's back that reads, "When the four sacred rays of light cross here, the path towards the truth shall reveal itself." This refers to the four mysterious stone pillars that you need to light up on Bokura no michi, Eternal Love, Matane, and Reclaim by completing at least one challenge in each. This is necessary to complete the chapter.

After doing this, the four mysterious stone pillars dim and a hole appears in the square where the statue is with stairs in it leading downward. The story then continues onto cyanine.

Ena on the Chapter 2 map.

After completing three challenges in You are the Miserable, the words "Wait for me, Ena." are carved into the organ.

Story 29

The hole in the square