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Bokura no michi



Ritmo hummed a familiar melody from home, walking along the straight path.
The plants grown in the greenhouse began blossoming beautifully after Ritmo's tuning created a sweet melody.
"Did you know that hydrangeas symbolize hope in some areas, and in others they have the meaning of friendship?
Especially the pink ones which symbolize the vitality and positive vibe from a girl. They suit you in every possible way!"
— After completing the first time
During flowering seasons, the beautiful blossoms here always amazed people and made them lost in reverie.
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit


  • Max Combo 45% or more


  • Fail count no more than 20
  • Play in speed 5 and achieve Purified or above
  • Achieve Perfect Purified or above


  • Achieve score 900000 or more


  • None


  • Achieve Purified or above on each difficulty

Lyrics Edit

Video Edit

-Lanota 1.1- Eternal Love - Tatsh feat

-Lanota 1.1- Eternal Love - Tatsh feat. Odayuuu (Audio)

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