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The two of them heaved a sigh of relief when all of a sudden the entire city started to tremble and shake.
The bell tower in the back rang its bells, and the Notalium tuner let out a piercing alarm.
"The energy is strong!" "It's coming from the bell tower!"

"Where is this--?"

— Before first play
After stabilizing the Notalium inside the bell tower, everything calmed down, and for the time being the crisis seemed to have been averted.
The document was filled with unknown characters, yet the final page was stamped with a familiar seal.
Fisica knit her brow as she placed the document in her bag.
Leaving the bell tower, they noticed the surrounding area and even the distant scenery had regained its color. It appeared as if the city tuning was completed.
"According to the tuner the next source of disordered Notalium is quite far from here."
"Let's rest first." Fisica proposed.
Walking along the city streets at night, the city was running normally as usual,
yet there wasn't a single soul to be found. Fisica and Ritmo felt oddly about it.
they were suddenly overcome with exhaustion and had no choice but to find a place to stay.
lying on her bed, Fisica looked out at the starry night.
pensively contemplating the document as she slowly lost herself in a dreamy sleep.
Not sleepy yet, Ritmo held his dear lute while quietly humming a cheerful melody,
thinking about how after the sun rises, their journey to restore the world would go on.
-However, in the meantime,
"The time has come."
Project Lanota is ready to be relaunched
— After first play
When exactly was this place cleaned up? Could it be that there were other people here?
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit



  • "Harmony" rate 88% or more
  • Hit every catch notes


  • Achieve Tuned or above
  • "Harmony" rate 92% or more and hit every Catch note


  • Play in speed 1 and achieve Purified or above
  • Hit every Click notes and "Harmony" rate 97% or more

Trivia Edit

  • There is a fan theory about a possible character that this song is based on named Frey.
  • This was the only Boss Song in version 1.0, so it's also the first Boss Song in this game.
  • It is also the only Boss Song that an item will be given after clearing for the first time.

Videos Edit

-Lanota- Frey's Philosophy - Powerless (Audio)

-Lanota- Frey's Philosophy - Powerless (Audio)

-Lanota- Animation review -- Frey's Philosophy -- First seen video -BGA-

-Lanota- Animation review -- Frey's Philosophy -- First seen video -BGA-


What the Players SayEdit

This would be my favorite song in the game, but Reignite already holds the spot, & don't expect it to go easy on you. It will fool you into coming near, then... BAM! It slams the door on you! Be ready for it.
— CamM15
Easily one of the best songs in the game...and one of the hardest. While I can't speak for the Master chart (and you might have a different experience), all the patterns in the Ultra chart correspond to an easily noticeable part of the song such as the percussion or melody. Topping this song should need only practice and a clear head.
— Techieberry38

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