Journey to the East is a book written by a geographer from the same village as Fisica and Ritmo when he went to do field research in the East, but his adventure was over 300 years before Fisica and Ritmo's.

It is an ancient book with yellowing pages that Fisica carries with her throughout her adventure with Ritmo, since it makes an appearance in Side Story 2 Story and the new 1.5 opening screen

Side story 7

Fisica holding Journey to the East

Journey to the East has a map of the author's travels to the East, as shown when Fisica was "Looking at the map in Journey to the East, she murmured, "According to the book, we may bump into a kind of terrain called "swamp" in this area...""

Fisica says that in the book, the author mentioned that "he encountered several villages, one after another, beyond the forest, and finally even found an entire new nation!"