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Area Watermill Chapter 2-3 Genre [Genre]
BPM 129 Time 2:05 Vocals Moose
Chart Design SYM Cover Art No Info
Version 1.1 - October 28, 2016
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
Difficulty 3 7 10 12
Max Combo 244 436 541 740


They moved along as they squabbled,
until a river appeared right in front of them, meandering broadly and far away.
On the river bank stood a gigantic water wheel.
— Before first play
With water flowing through, the water wheel began to turn.
"This village is rather bizarre," Fisica frowned,
"A windmill without any crops around;
a well-equipped greenhouse with ordinary plants inside
a water wheel but no field to water;
paths far too straight and unified for the countryside.
There is something wrong here. I can't figure out."
— After first play
As the water wheel spun quietly and the river gurgled, a group of herons flew by.
Some busy catching fish, while others stood elegantly by the river. Everything looked vigorous.
— After completing three challenges


Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Whisper


Play in speed 6 and "Fail" count no more than 25
Purple Challenge Acoustic


Hit every Flick notes
Red Challenge Acoustic


Achieve score 900000 or more
Blue & Green Challenge Ultra


Max Combo 40% or more
Blue Challenge Ultra


Play in speed 3 and achieve Purified or above
White Challenge Master


Achieve score 990000 or above



夕日の メロディが 
幼い 僕らは 無邪気に願いことばかり見ていた 
でもね おかしいね 
何とも 欲しいのは 
一緒に 手を繋いで 笑い合いだけ  

ねえ 覚えてるかな あの頃の約束は 
今僕の中 色も褪せないままで輝く
 ねえ もし二人なら 辛いことも乗り越え キセキを起こせ もう一度行き先に行こうぜ

English (translation):

The sunset's, melody 
You suddenly made it into a song and hummed it
Childishly, we were, innocently wishing to be able to watch
But don't you think, isn't it strange?
A serious front is something that i wanted to show to someone
Anything, What I want
Is to be able, to join hands together, and just laugh together with you

Hey, do you remember, the promise we made back then
Now inside of me, my colour will shine without ever fading away
Hey, if we had two people together, we will be able to overcome all difficulties
Miracles we can make, once again let's head towards the destination together


  • This song's composer, Moose, is really 3R2, who also composed The Lonely Wolf.
  • This song's title means "See you later" in English.


-Lanota 1

-Lanota 1.1- Matane - Moose (Audio)