There are four mysterious stone pillars that appear on the sections of Bokura no michi, Eternal Love, Matane, and Reclaim after Fisica unlocks the unusual secret mechanism.

To get the Notalium above the pillars to activate, you must complete at least one challenge per song. After this requirement is fulfilled, the pillars' Notalium fire light corresponding to their color onto the Notalium in the statue of Ena's hands. Then a hole appears in the square near the statue with stairs leading downward inside of it. The story then continues onto cyanine and the mysterious stone pillars cease all further function, but the Notalium remains activated, continuing to float above them.

The color of the Notalium that floats on the top corresponds with the color of the Notalium in the nearby section.

  • Bokura no michi's Windmill has green-colored Notalium on it, so the pillar has green-colored Notalium floating on top.
  • Eternal Love's Greenhouse has orange-colored Notalium on it, so the pillar has orange-colored Notalium floating on top.
  • Matane's Watermill has blue-colored Notalium on it, so the pillar has blue-colored Notalium floating on top.
  • Reclaim's Hedge Maze has yellow-colored Notalium over it, so the pillar has yellow-colored Notalium floating on top.