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ciel nocturne



The two of them continued along a small path until reaching the next Notalium site.
It was a lake even bigger than their town.
It was as if the pitch black lake was a large entrance into a bottomless abyss,
sending a shiver of fear down one's spine.
— Before first play
Moonlight reflected off the midnight blue lake, and all creation lay still.
Entranced by the dim lit night, Ritmo couldn't help but hum while playing a slow nocturne.
Fisica sat by closely listening, letting the melody wash away the weariness of the day.
— After first play
Full of new life,
the ripples on the lake reflected the sunlight,
just as they themselves were reflected in the clouds above.
A bird flapped its wings as it flew across the sky, and golden streaks of radiant light flickered in its path.
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit




  • Achieve score 910000 or more
  • "Fail" count no more than 10


  • Achieve score 880000 or more
  • Achieve All Combo or above


  • Play in speed 4 and "Fail" count no more than 25
  • Hit every Catch note and hit every Click note

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first song to have a tempo variation, with 86 BPM in the beginning, then it jumps up to 92 in the chorus, then back down to 86 in the end.
  • After 1.2.1 update, the Master chart had a slight change, where the rail notes in the first few seconds are now on one side instead of alternating left and right.
  • That makes it the first song with at least a changed chart.

Video Edit

-Lanota- Night Yacht - Yukino (Audio)02:35

-Lanota- Night Yacht - Yukino (Audio)

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