Arrow Chapter 1





After passing through the valley,
traces of past habitation became increasingly apparent.
Fisica and Ritmo came across an abandoned factory.
There were tools and many black discs scattered across the floor.
Fisica couldn't help but ask, "What are the discs for?"
— Before first play
Despite the successful tuning,
the factory still lay deathly still, having sat unused for years.
Only a few flickering light bulbs remained.
Ritmo scanned the entire place until his eye caught sight of a disc wrapped in an envelope.
— After first play
The abandoned factory would never operate again,
although the thought of it up and running was a beautiful fantasy that was hard to resist.
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit


  • Achieve score 930000 or more
  • Hit every Rail notes


  • "Harmony" rate 92% or more
  • Achieve 980000 score or more


  • Hit every Click notes and hit every Rail notes
  • "Harmony" rate 99% or more



Video Edit

-Lanota- Prism - bermei.inazawa ft

-Lanota- Prism - bermei.inazawa ft. Chata (Audio)

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