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Side Story 2, also known as "Adventure to the Glorious Sunrise Land", is the second chapter of the side storyline.

Fisica and Ritmo are heading to the East (before Chapter 1). It was released in 1.2 and has 6 songs with a Boss Song, LSDJACK.



Song ListEdit

Title Artist Area Difficulty Time BPM Vocals Items
Whisper Acoustic Ultra Master
The Journey to Eden Kitkit Lu Ritmo's House, Ritmo's Room 1 5 10 12 3:10 180 Yes No
Colorful Note Hiroyuki Oshima ft. Haruka Shimotsuki Forest Campground 4 6 10 13 3:13 145 Yes No
Umioto Junk feat. Yukacco Lighthouse 2 6 9 11 2:40 132 Yes No
LSDJACK P.C.B. Swamp 3 9 13 15 2:47 135 No No
Little Painter Siruka & ARForest Big Tree 5 8 11 13 1:57 100 No No
Nagi Yukino with Ayato Shinozaki Cemetery 3 7 11 14 2:27 130 No No

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