Adventure to the Glorious Sunrise Land

Side story 2 cover

Side story 6
On a bright, sunny morning, an energetic voice was heard amongst the twittering birds.
"48, 49, 50! Fifty sit-ups, and now fifty push-ups! Phew......"
"48, 49, 50! Target achieved! Now it's time for some vocal warm-up exercises!"
The journey to eden 1
As usual, Ritmo was doing his routine basic training that day.
Regular physical trainings and daily vocal exercises were essential for Ritmo,
who loved lute-playing and singing.
The journey to eden 2
Such a good weather for jogging today. Come on! Come on! To the sanctuary!"
After cheering for himself, Ritmo walked briskly towards the nearby mountaintop.
Colorful note 1
Finally reaching the familiar meadow overlooking the scenery beneath the mountain,
Ritmo wiped his sweat away.
In the mountain breeze, a deep emotion flashed through his mind, making him hum the melody in his head.
Colorful note 2
Lost in his own singing voice, Ritmo didn't noticed someone familiar was sitting under the tree
and calmly browsing an ancient book with yellowing pages.
"Uh-huh!" "Ah, it's you, Fisica, how's my singing today? wonderful?"
"Well, what an optimist. It's a bit loud."
"It's so hard to hear any compliment from you. Well, how do you have time to come here so early today?"
"I have been busy browsing through all the books in the entire library these days,
in order to investigate what's beyond the village.
I finally found this book. Once I started to read, there was no way to stop.
So I decided to find a quiet place and finish it in one go."
Side story 7
"Let me have a look," Ritmo reached for the book Fisica was holding. "Journey to the East?"
"Fascinating title, isn't it?" It talks about the adventure of a geographer form our village about 300 years ago,
when he went to do his field research in the East."
"The East? I remember that the teachers at school used to say that there was a large forest to the east of the village;
at the end of the forest, there was a bottomless canyon, which no one had ever passed."
"Yeah, that's right.
...But don't you remember the tuner shows that there is disordered Notalium buried in the east?"
"I think one day we will go there," Fisica said with a determined look.
"It looks like you'll need a lot of strength to explore the forest. Are you OK with that?"
"As long as someone helps me carrying my luggage, I'll be fine." Fisica made a face.
"I say, why don't join me today with physical training It's a more realistic idea."
Ritmo grabbed Fisica, ready to jog downhill. "Wait, give me a break!"
Umioto 1
After they jogged downhill from the sanctuary, Ritmo acted like a fitness trainer,
visiting Fisica every morning to go for exercise together.
One day, after the two of them went jogging along the coastline,
Ritmo was still in high spirits and continued with vocal exercises,
while Fisica was out of breath, sitting and resting on the side.
Umioto 2
"Wonderful! My voice is in top form again today!" Ritmo's over-confident look slightly annoyed Fisica.
"I'm exhausted! Will the training ever end?"
"Patience, you know that the journey will only get harder.
We are doing it for the sake of restoring the world order!"
"I know, I know. By the way, the author of Journey to the East mentioned that
he encountered several villages, one after another, beyond the forest, and finally even found an entire new nation!"
"Really? But didn't our textbooks say no one had ever crossed the forest?"
"Yes, I also found that bizarre. That's why I carefully checked the information in the library.
Apart from the textbooks, there is not a single word, or a map, about the surroundings of our village in any books.
It's really unbelievable!"
"Would it be because the truth is deliberately hidden?" "Who knows? However,"
Side story 8
Fisica suddenly stood up, staring into the distance. "How I wish to take a look at the world beyond the forest..."
"It depends on if you could survive it. Now, if you have had enough rest, we shall continue training!"
"Come on, let's jog back to town!" Ritmo showed his tireless spirit.
"Would you just let me rest a bit more, please?" Fisica whined again.
Side story 9
After the training period, the pair were finally ready for the journey,
and received the permission from the Notalium Administration.
The adventure to the eastern forest had officially begun.
Side story 10
The pair reached the border of the eastern forest. Fisica took a deep breath and led the way into the forest.
Looking at the map in Journey to the East, she murmured,
"According to the book, we may bump into a kind of terrain called "swamp" in this area... Ahh!!!"
Before even finishing her sentence, Fisica's knees completely sank into the mud and could not move at all.
Fisica was quickly pulled out by the shocked Ritmo, who was standing behind her.
She stumbled to a nearby small pond to wash the filthy sludge off from her body.
Lsdjack 1
After cleaning off the mess, Fisica was on her guard.
The two of them watched their footsteps carefully as they walked deep into the forest.
Without knowing how far they had gone,
they discovered a field full of disordered Notalium surrounded by swamps.
The inky blackness of the swamps looked as if it was about to suck people in.
Lsdjack 2
After tuning was completed, the original status of the swamps was unveiled-
an eerie scene never seen before freaked them out.
"So, these are the so-called 'swamps'!"
Fisica said with a hint of admiration in her voice, unable to hide her curiosity.
Ritmo however could barely stand the situation.
"It's hot, humid, and so uncomfortable. Let's hurry and move forward!"
Little painter 1
Carefully avoiding the swamps,
they walked forward for quite a while until coming to an open field surrounded by trees.
A gigantic dead tree stood right in the middle, with disordered Notalium sitting on it.
Little painter 2
After Ritmo's tuning, a flock of crows flew from nowhere,
landing on the pale branches of the dead tree like black drops falling down.
"It looks like someone standing here alone. How lonely!"
"Maybe it was too magnificent to be approached by the rest of its kind."
Looking up to the giant trunk, Ritmo spoke softly, his mind drifting away.
Nagi 1
As they carried on, a much smoother well-trodden path appeared.
They kept walking until finally coming to a large cemetery.
Columns and columns of tombstones stood in line,
appearing to have been well looked after until the time of Al Niente.
The disordered Notalium silently stood in front of the grand central monument.
Nagi 2
The tuning was finally completed after a considerable amount of effort.
The cemetery seemed even quieter, with echoes of insects chirping softly in the starry night.
Fisica walked alone towards the central monument, carefully reading the text on it.
"The inscription reads, 'May the valiant warriors rest in peace here.'"
"According to the time it was engraved, this may be a historical site from the First Notalium War era."
"......" "Ritmo?" "Ah, is that so..." Ritmo trembled involuntarily.
"What's wrong with you? It's already dark and looks like we can't go further today.
"Let's just rest here in the keeper's hut for the night."
"Are...are we going to take a break here and not go any further?"
Side story 11
"Ritmo, don' t tell me you are scared?"
"Well...I...I better go and put the luggage in the hut!" Ritmo grabbed the luggage and escaped into the hut.
"What can I say!" Fisica shook her head, "Hopefully we can have a good sleep tonight."
"Tomorrow the journey will be quite tough. The real challenge starts tomorrow."
Walking slowly towards the hut,
Fisica recalled the unexpected situations on the day and couldn' t help worrying about their remaining journey.
Story 19
-On the other hand-
"Is it safe to let them find out about those ones in the east?"
"Not a big deal. It is our first priority to collect as much Notalium as possible for now."



The journey to eden 3
Ritmo always seemed to be so cool and carefree, looking for inspiration while exploring the world.
His favorite moments were actually sitting cozily in front of the desk,
turning his affections into chapters of melodies.
Colorful note 3
The sanctuary was Ritmo' s discovery.
He and Fisica had enjoyed coming here since childhood-
-to escape from the hustle and bustle, to be free and do whatever they liked.
Umioto 3
The beach is Ritmo's favorite secret spot for walks.
After the lifting of the Al Niente crisis,
the sight of the sunset reflecting on the sea waves always calmed Ritmo down.
Lsdjack 3
Occasional visitors brought surprises on those serene summer nights.
Little painter 3
Without being seen and without being near any of its kind, it had lived a life full of blossoms.
Nagi 3
Those who enjoyed the fruits of peace may have forgotten the pain of the war,
but they must not leave the foolishness and sorrow behind.