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Frey's Philosophy

Following a path that grew increasingly wide, they eventually reached the city center.
— Before first play
After the tuning was completed, the previously motionless city started to experience changes.
The two of them heaved a sigh of relief when all of a sudden the entire city started to tremble and shake.
"Where is this-?"
— After first play
Spouting fountain water danced in every which way to the beautiful light refracting off of the Notalium,all in concert with a grand musical performance.
How many travelers have stopped in their tracks to revel at the sight?
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit


  • Hit every Click note
  • Achieve score 900000 or more


  • None


  • Achieve Purified 2 times
  • Play in speed 3 and Harmony rate 80% or more


  • Achieve Purified or above and Max Combo at least 35%
  • Fail count no more than 10

Video Edit

-Lanota- Trauma - Hige DriVAN (Audio)

-Lanota- Trauma - Hige DriVAN (Audio)

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