Arrow Side Story 2


Colorful Note





  • "Fail" no more than 21 times


  • "Harmony" rate of 75% or more
  • ax combo of 40% or more


  • Achieve Tune or above


  • Achieve Purify or above on all difficulties
  • Achieve All Combo or above on all difficulties

Lyrics Edit

Japanese (Official Album):

深まる 青の色に
彷徨う カラの世界

漂うのは確かな あの面影


壊して 壊してばかり
消えゆく 最後の願い
この海 超える数ほど 痛み貫く

繋いだ 一つの灯り
海色 身体すべてが
染まった 名もない場所で静かに僕ら沈む

壊れて 壊れてばかり
落ちゆく 最後の声は
この海 永遠の音 残し続ける

繋いで 一つの光
海色 侵食していく
この声 名もない場所で静かに僕ら


fukamaru ao no iro ni
samayō kara no sekai
boku no koe wa yoru no kaze ni
kimi no koe wa sameta umi ni tokeru

tadayou no wa tashikana
ano omo kage
boku no koe wa sora no yami ni
kimi no koe wa fukai umi ni kieru

kimi no na woyobu to
kotaeru no wa nami oto de

kowashite, kowashite bakari
kie yuku saigo no negai
kono umi koeru karu hodo
itami tsuranuku
tsunaida hitotsu no akari
umi iro karada subete ga
somatta namonai basho de
shizuka ni bokura shizumu

kowarete, kowarete bakari
ochiyuku saigo no koe wa
kono umi eien no oto
nokoshizu tsukeru
tsunaide hitotsu no hikari
umi iro shinshuku shite iku
kono koe namo nai basho de
shizuka ni bokura kieru

English Translation:

Walking towards the color of deep blue
Wandering the colors of the world
My voice resides in the wind of the night
Your voice is slowly melting down in the icy cold sea

It’s certain that we are drifting apart
Away from each other’s sides
My voice resides in the darkness of the sky
Your voice will start to disappear into the deep ocean

Calling out your name
The only one answering is the sound of the waves

Breaking apart, I’m just breaking apart
My final wish has now faded away
Only a few can cross beyond this sea
It penetrates through my pain

Connected with only one light
The colors of the entire ocean
Staining this place where there is no name
Quietly we shall be sinking down

Broken apart, I have been broken apart
The final voice has finally fallen down
The eternal sound of the sea
Keeps on leaving me behind

Connected with only one light
The ocean’s hue continues to fade away
This voice, in a place with no name
Quietly we shall now disappear

Trivia Edit

  • The song is part of Yukacco's album Another Wor1d (C90) found here
  • A variation of this song's artwork after the first play was used for a temporary 50% off all DLC event
    Umioto 4

    A variation of Umioto's after first play artwork

Videos Edit

-Lanota 1.2- Umioto - Junk feat

-Lanota 1.2- Umioto - Junk feat. Yukacco (Audio)

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