This page is about how things are displayed in Lanota, as well as what all its menus and buttons do.


Title screen 2

When opening the game, Apocalypse, a song from this game, plays as the opening theme.


Finding SongsEdit

After selecting a chapter from the Map Select, the player will arrive at an overworld map with art and various landmarks. Almost everything that stands out from the background is a song; tapping it will show the player what they selected. Unavailable songs have their landmarks shrouded in fog and can only be unlocked by playing the previous ones.

What a song looks like when selected

Explanations for all the buttons:

  • The number below the song and composer name on the top is the player's best score, if there is one (if the song hasn't been played before, the number will display 0)
  • The arrows with song names on the top two corners let the player select other songs without going back to the map
  • The left bookmark on the top shows what mode (Tune or Purify) the song was cleared in, if at all
  • The right bookmark on the top shows the score rank of the player's best score (more below)
  • The blank crystal icons on the two sides show non-completed challenges
  • The colored crystal icons show completed challenges
  • The Whisper, Acoustic, Ultra and Master buttons on the bottom change the song's difficulty (more below)
  • The X tab on the right takes the player back to the map
  • The Next arrow on the bottom right takes the player to song settings and start

Song SettingsEdit

Lanota allows its players to tweak bits of its gameplay for specific songs.

Settings Edit