This is a list of all the songs in the game by their Whisper difficulty.

Whisper Level Chart Artist Chapter
1 Dream goes on Tiny Minim 0-1
1 vivid color naoto 1-1
1 ciel nocturne emon(Tes.) 1-3
1 Bokura no michi makou ft. Tomomi Kobayashi 2-1
1 The Journey to Eden Kitkit Lu S2-1
2 Only the place where truth has engraved KarasuyaSabou 0-2
2 Night Yacht Yukino 1-4
2 Eternal Love Tatsh feat. Odayuuu 2-2
2 Just a Fairy Tale DJTEKINA//SOMETHING S1-1
2 Umioto Junk feat. Yukacco S2-3
2 Tokyo Snorkel Yunomi A-4
3 Ne m'oubliez pas Triodust 1-2
3 Prism bermei.inazawa ft. Chata 1-5
3 Matane Moose 2-3
3 The Lonely Wolf 3R2 S1-2
3 Promised Heaven void (Mournfinale) ft. kalon. S1-5
3 Nagi Yukino with Ayato Shinozaki S2-6
3 3rd Avenue Sound Souler A-2
3 Shining Girl, Shyness Love Yamajet feat. TEA C-1
3 Returner Ayatsugu_Otowa C-2
3 May and December DJTEKINA//SOMETHING (feat. LUSCHKA) C-3
3 Sakura Saku Yunomi D-1
3 Glamorous Girl Heart's Cry feat. Poppo D-2
4 Chronosis song yanagi ft. Mika Kobayashi 0-3
4 DARSANA Massive New Krew 1-4
4 Reclaim DJOKAWARI 2-4
4 Vortex SIHanatsuka S1-3
4 Ryusa No Toba Machigerita S1-4
4 Colorful Note Hiroyuki Oshima ft. Haruka Shimotsuki S2-2
4 Broken Marionette QWertism A-1
4 Time To Rock Ayato Shinozaki feat. Mako Niina A-5
4 Funky Life 3rd Avenue B-4
4 MilK Morimori Atsushi C-4
5 Trauma Hige DriVAN 1-6
5 Journey ARForest 2-5
5 Little Painter Siruka & ARForest S2-5
5 Hall of Mirrors Sta A-3
5 Unshakable RiraN B-1
5 Savage Hardcore M-Project feat. Jonjo B-2
5 Reignite Lunatic Sounds B-3
5 Lonely departure Chroma C-5
5 Hayabusa Yamajet D-4
5 Specta Junk D-5
6 Frey's Philosophy Powerless 1-7
6 cyanine jioyi 2-6
6 ZENITHALIZE void feat. Gt. Eba B-5

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