Arrow Chapter 3


Androgynos B



After the tuning was completed, a loud and deep noise filled the room, making the four of them cover their ears.
"Such...such a horrible noise!"
The stone walls began shaking as the noise continued.
The magnitude of the vibrations increased, making the stone walls crack and bits of stone fall down.
"Watch out!"
The fragments of stone were showering down, causing the edge of the organ device to partly collapse.
The four companions panicked and ran for shelter, hiding inside with hands wrapped tightly around their heads.
An even larger piece of stone wall cracked down,
hitting the ground with a great thud and setting off a cloud of sand and dust.
— After first play
The organ had stopped making any sounds.
After careful investigation, a few small words were found carved in the corner of the organ,
"Wait for me, Ena."
— After completing three challenges

Challenges Edit

Crystal Difficulty Number Gained Requirements
Green Challenge Whisper


"Harmony" rate 90% or more
Purple Challenge Whisper


"Fail" count no more than 10
Red Challenge Acoustic


Max Combo 40% or more
Blue & Green Challenge Ultra


Hit every Click note
Blue Challenge Master


Play in speed 1 and achieve Purified or above
White Challenge Master


Hit every Flick note and "Harmony" rate 97% or more

Video Edit

Lanota 1

Lanota 1.5 Animation review -- You are the Miserable -- First seen video BGA

You are the Miserable (Audio)

You are the Miserable (Audio).5- You are the Miserable - t+pazolite (Audio)

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